Anyone have ideas on how to get Lightroom 4 settings into Lightroom 5… as in watermarks, gallery settings etc etc… It seems as if presets need to be reloaded also.

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  1. Jason Odell 15 Jun 2013 Reply

    Mine moved over seamlessly.

  2. Brent Burzycki 15 Jun 2013 Reply

    Automatically…. Or did you have to move them manually..

  3. Did you use "Import from Catalog" dialog to import your setting from 4 to 5?

  4. Jason Odell 16 Jun 2013 Reply

    Automatically. I didn't do anything.

  5. Brent Burzycki 16 Jun 2013 Reply

    +Christopher Harnish it asked if I wanted to load a catalog – and I did.. and it moved nothing but the photos….

  6. Hmmm – Seems it should have loaded your catalog and immediately gave you a dialog something to the effect of – You need to convert this catalog to be used for LR5 and it takes a little bit. Mine did not take an hour though- just a few minutes for 30K images. It sounds like you imported? I would try this: Open Lightroom – Go to File/Open Catalog and find the old LR4 cat once again. Once opened you should receive that dialog about converting existing catalog to LR5.

    Did you receive that message the first time?

  7. Brent Burzycki 16 Jun 2013 Reply

    It did convert… But did not pull across any watermarks or other custom settings I had….. Export settings etc…

  8. I'm sorry +Brent Burzycki i guess i am at a loss. Mine converted OK to with all setting intact. Even my publish settings were intact and organized. Conversion should not affect any of these things. I would contact customer support.

  9. Brent Burzycki 16 Jun 2013 Reply

    Well I solved it – just manually moved them…..

  10. Charles Payet 16 Jun 2013 Reply

    Yeah, when I got the message asking if I wanted to update the Catalog for use with LR 5 and clicked yes….EVERYTHING seems to have converted over except having to update some plugins. Glad you were able to manually move everything, though.

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