Anyone have any suggestions on what Refrigerator to buy?

25 Dec 2012 admin In G+ Posts

Mine just took a dump in the middle of my kitchen.. that's right… on Christmas Eve…could be slightly problematic….

Need lots of freezer space and all the cool features.. I know you tech G+ ers are all rocking the coolest Refrigerators…. Suggestions?

Was looking at an LG – Like this:

But I think 3400 bucks might be a bit out of my range….

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  1. Larry Maxwell 25 Dec 2012 Reply

    Does it run android? 😛

  2. Darren Krusi 25 Dec 2012 Reply

    Needs to have fridge programmable NFC tag. Tap it and the fridge sends you a list of things that need to be bought from the shop. That LG looks good.

  3. Sharon Strandskov 25 Dec 2012 Reply

    Gah, bad timing! I hope that doesn't throw off too much for tomorrow! Mine doesn't have any fancy features, so I would just be looking through online reviews like you already are, but if you want lots of techie features with high customer satisfaction rating, I think you want this Samsung: Unfortunately, the cost is in line with the LG one.

  4. Michael LaRiviere 25 Dec 2012 Reply

    Just purchased a Samsung that looks just like this one. About the same price. Don't care much for the ice maker that sometimes hangs and dumps ice on the floor. Love the fridge and freezer parts.

  5. Humberto Gauna 25 Dec 2012 Reply

    How much are you willing to spend and how much space to use?

  6. Brent Burzycki 25 Dec 2012 Reply

    I have to measure tomorrow

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