Anyone else not seeing photo details displaying right ot at all in the photo lightbox…

14 Aug 2011 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Chris Westcott 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    I'm using Chrome, no problems here that I've noticed.

  2. just triede a few – no details ….

  3. Brent Burzycki 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Peter Zuleger Nielsen are they fading in and out when you click on the back button?

    +Chris Westcott what version of chrome?

  4. Ricardo Lagos 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    This is not on in my chrome .. you might be seeing an experiment .. but i think its a great idea. — your average joe probably could care less though.

  5. Chris Westcott 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    It's the up to date version, (13.0.782.112).

  6. Chris Westcott 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    I also just checked the very same photo you posted, I have the photo details.

  7. see what i can see in my album

  8. Fintan Planting 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    Same Chrome version here as Chris and I am seeing the photo details okay too. Running on Windows 7.

  9. Brent Burzycki 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    Probably a beta version issue then… I am running: 14.0.835.35 beta-m

  10. Vail Joy 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    Picasa is totaly broke on Chrome for me

  11. Brent Burzycki 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Vail Joy beta? or standard? and are you running any extensions?

  12. Ki Rin 22 Oct 2011 Reply

    Did you end up finding a fix? I still can't get the details to show up. They flash up for a second and then disappear.

  13. Tarik Abdel-Monem 30 Oct 2011 Reply

    Photo details were working fine for me on Chrome until just a week or so ago. Now, photo details show up for a split second and then vanish.

  14. Brent Burzycki 30 Oct 2011 Reply

    Yep I am still seeing this issue in chrome……

  15. Fintan Planting 30 Oct 2011 Reply

    I am unhappy to report that I am now experiencing the same issue. Everything was fine until I upgraded to 15.0.874.106 yesterday.

  16. Tarik Abdel-Monem 30 Oct 2011 Reply

    It worked fine for me since the launch. I think the problem started occurring for me when I cleared cookies and history from Chrome.

    I also cleared the cookies and history in Firefox but photo details are working fine for me with that.

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