*ANDROID USERS – Please list up your favorite Android Camera Apps* 

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A list to get you started as a new Android Phone owner….
I have used at least all of these and then a pile of terrible apps – they all are worth looking at and choosing for yourself..

In the end I really have one or two I use daily… List of your favorites and with +1's we can vote on the best apps out there….


Photoaf Pano – http://goo.gl/ZOmD2 
Pano – http://goo.gl/DQhnu – Highly Rated 
ProCapture – Camera & Panorama – http://goo.gl/5Jbpg
360 Panorama – http://goo.gl/DFNiZ


PRO HDR Camera – http://goo.gl/X0tVc 
HDR Camera (+) – http://goo.gl/IOvuh – Free & Paid Versions

*General Apps:* 

Vignette – http://goo.gl/x3otN 
Camera360 – http://goo.gl/1cxZM
Retro Camera – http://goo.gl/u4e1D 
Lightbox – http://goo.gl/wKDOP 
FLICKR – http://goo.gl/lVqwR 
Google Goggles – http://goo.gl/er2wW 
Little Photo – http://goo.gl/XhS6L 
Fast Burst Camera (For Action Shots) – http://goo.gl/bvDaU 
Be Funky – http://goo.gl/9Eul1 
PicSin – http://goo.gl/ELLyM 
Night Camera – http://goo.gl/X6Y3d 
Camera Zoom FX – http://goo.gl/FlCED 
Pudding Camera – http://goo.gl/MWLRr 
Pixlr-o-matic – http://goo.gl/RkXPa 
Streamzoo – http://goo.gl/TavAx 
Photoshop Express – http://goo.gl/v30aD 
Paper Camera – http://goo.gl/9rg4t 
Pic-Say – http://goo.gl/wm5WN 
Leme Leme – http://goo.gl/tihxb – Sort of like Instagram, No English Language Version thou 
Cymera – http://goo.gl/40kkQ
MagicHour – http://goo.gl/Wwhmm
Pix – http://goo.gl/AIXrY
Shot Control – http://goo.gl/NoHQt
Instagram – http://goo.gl/0criO
Aviary – http://goo.gl/FhDmd
Afterfocus Pro – http://goo.gl/9j1dF
Sleek Camera – http://goo.gl/2LGPh

For Fun:

Water Reflection Effect – http://goo.gl/anqi4

*Sunrise, Sunset Aps:* 

Sun Surveyor – http://goo.gl/opeZO 
Sundroid – http://goo.gl/d9aL6 
Sunrise & Sunset – http://goo.gl/lYJkz
The Photographers Ephemeris – http://goo.gl/IsF9Q
LightTrac – http://goo.gl/8g198

Astro Photography

Sky Map – http://goo.gl/1gq3w
Star Chart – http://goo.gl/BUWaf

Camera Control Apps:

DSLR Control – http://goo.gl/dO8bF

*Exposure and Photo Tools:* 

PHOforPHO – http://goo.gl/sCdTG

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Main list on my site:


Comments: 19

  1. Yas Mean 25 Jun 2012 Reply

    ohh Pudding Camera (super versatile), Instagram (the social network is a blast), Retro Camera, HDR Camera, 360 Camera. 

  2. michel prins 25 Jun 2012 Reply

    plz add links too.

  3. Brent Burzycki 25 Jun 2012 Reply

    Yes please add links or the proper name here so i can add it to the list….

  4. Elizabeth Hahn 25 Jun 2012 Reply

    I'd add Google Sky Maps and The Photographers Ephemeris along with sunrise/sunset apps.

  5. Brent Burzycki 25 Jun 2012 Reply

    Maybe we can get some input from the massive user bases of:

    +Colby Brown +Trey Ratcliff +Leo Laporte +Thomas Hawk and +All About Android 

  6. Brent Burzycki 25 Jun 2012 Reply

    Thanks +Romain Guy… I should have tagged you in this also…. Is that your favorite camera control app?

  7. Sunny Wu 25 Jun 2012 Reply

    DSLR Controller

  8. Chris Sewell 25 Jun 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki Camera360 and picsin links are broken

    I'd like to toss sleek in to the mix: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.proxectos.advancedcamera

    In short, it makes every option your phones camera has available to it available in a menu. 

  9. Marnix Bassie 25 Jun 2012 Reply

    CameraZoom FX on Nexus One

  10. Dennis Faucher 25 Jun 2012 Reply

    Thank you for organizing the list.  Camera Zoom FX is my regular shooting app.  HDR Camera for special occasions.  I keep a list of all my favorite apps are in my profile.

  11. Adam Corcoran 25 Jun 2012 Reply

    I like the default camera app…

  12. Chris Sewell 25 Jun 2012 Reply

    +Adam Corcoran on the One S I'd agree

  13. Ali Sadreddini 26 Jun 2012 Reply

    TPE for sunrise and sunset.

  14. Anthony Tulliani 9 Oct 2012 Reply

    I only use Vignette and PicSay Pro. Take a look at my work!

  15. Jacob Dix 11 Oct 2012 Reply

    PicsPlay, PicSay, Fotor, Photo Editor, SquareIt, Awesome Miniature, Pix, Camera FV-5, PicFrame, Photo Art, PicsArt, LikePics, Touch Retouch, PicShop, Infinite Design, Stacker, Stack, Photaf, EyeEm.

    The list goes on. My favorite would have to be PicSay however. It maintains photo resolution, has minimal degradation of images, has a "smooth" option, and above all allows you to selectively edit layered images, which allows you to apply any effect from any app onto selected regions of an image. It is currently the only app that can do this for android.

  16. Holly Brothers 20 Dec 2012 Reply

    Great list, thanks!!

    i am trying desperately to take "good" pictures of a moving baby and people.  my favorite program so far is AndroVid (http://www.androvid.com/).  with this, I take video (yes, my quality is already reduced), and I can easily grab multiple frames from the video and save them as pics on my phone.  then i edit using Pixlr or another program.  it's not perfect, but it's best that I've come up with so far.  but this way, i only capture derp when i intend to.

  17. Jacob Dix 21 Dec 2012 Reply

    I just did a blog post of android mobile apps, see my feed or go to AMPt.org/darkroom

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