Am I wrong in assuming that you need to have someone in a Circle to be notified of…

25 Sep 2011 admin In G+ Posts

Am I wrong in assuming that you need to have someone in a Circle to be notified of a post by that person….?

Or is it if they have you circled then they can notify you anytime they wish….I believe "Shared a post" is accomplished by checking the Notify checkbox before a post.

If its the second I guess we will be on spammer watch now that the beta is open…

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  1. Karthik Nagaraj 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    just because you are in a circle and if the person just shares with that circle you wont get notified. notifications only get generated if the person +mentioned you in the post or added you explicitly in the share with space. And of course all those will show up on your stream only if you have that person in your circles. Else it will be in your incoming.

  2. Jane Dickson 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    If they have you in a circle or have shared a message directly with you you will be notified

  3. Jennifer Bailey 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    Yeah people can notify you if they circle you. If they are spamming, just block/report spam. Google removes the account super fast and they've been great.

    Also people just need to learn the etiquette – clicking 'notify' is a lil' rude and most people don't use it.

  4. Karthik Nagaraj 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Jane Dickson – I don't think a notification will be generated if all they shared was to a circle and even if they have you in a circle.

  5. Rznag Rmrod 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    I get always notified when one or two persons share a album. But just for this 2 persons. I don`t have them in my circle and think it`s quite annoying. And i`m not mentioned in their post.

  6. Colby Brown 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    If they click on "Notify on Post" and you are in that circle, it doesn't matter if you are connected with that person or not.

  7. Colby Brown 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    If it makes anyone feel better, I get about 300 a day 🙂

  8. Mike Runyon 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    Spammers will figure a way to annoy as many of us as possible!

  9. David Röll 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Colby Brown 301.

  10. Rznag Rmrod 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Colby Brown wow, thats really hard… i just have 10 up to 20 a day…i`m thinking about blocking this person

  11. Dave Veffer 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    ignore is another option instead of blocking…ignore will make it so you are never notified about anything that person does

  12. David Röll 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    A photog I've circled always notifies me (and I guess everyone else) when posting a photo (set to public). Kind of irritating, imagine everyone doing this.

  13. Colby Brown 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    I feel it is up to us, the community, to help educate those that are doing this. Just send them a PM and ask them to stop. I have a section of my guide that talks about this feature and why not to use it 🙂

  14. Nick Young-Soares 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki yes it looks like he made that post public, then did a direct share of the post to you by name.

    I agree with +Colby Brown just send him a quick note saying that his stuff is crowding your notifications and please stop, you will circle him if you want to read it.

    If he keeps doing it then ignore.

  15. Ayoub Khote 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    People can mention you, unless you block them.

  16. Brent Burzycki 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Colby Brown I know I do not get that many – but – that basically kills the notifications bar usefulness then I assume……I am all for education – if they will listen is the hardest part of education…

    +Jennifer Bailey Sadly there are different levels of spam and or education I feel .. I think many abuse the notify check box..

  17. Brent Burzycki 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    Ok – this is a half decent explanation thanks to +Tim Kerr

    Actions that create notifications

    Certain actions in Google+ generate automatic notifications for your circles. For instance, individuals you interact with may choose to receive notifications when you:

    Add them to a circle
    Tag them in a photo
    Share a post with them directly
    Comment on one of their posts
    You can check out the full list of actions that generate notifications by going to your notification settings.

    Of course, if people in your circles don't want to receive notifications from you or others, they can easily adjust their notification settings.

    Notification settings

    You can choose whether to receive email or SMS notifications. Email notifications will always be delivered to your primary email address.

    To change your notification settings:

    Click your full name or email address in the Google+ bar.
    Click Account settings.
    Click Google+.
    Subscribe or unsubscribe by adding or removing a check mark next to each notification type.
    If you choose not to receive email notifications when someone shares a post with you directly, you won't ever receive this type of notification even when a sharer tries to alert you specifically via email.
    You can also adjust your notification settings by following the link in any notification email you receive.

  18. Colby Brown 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki – If they don't then you ignore them 🙂

  19. Brent Burzycki 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Colby Brown hey so just like real life 🙂

  20. Brent Burzycki 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Ayoub Khote +Nick Young-Soares – I have no issues with shares direct to me or mentions (Heck my ego loves mentions who's would not) that said I think I am trying to determine the reason for some of the shares I see – Especially when they have nothing to do with me or anything i do.. thou seeing I have a decent amount of followers though nothing like many here I assume its just a spam attempt for a service etc that they think I will re-share etc..

    I have to admit that the spam ratio has gone way up in the past few days since the restrictions were lifted…. but I expected that also…

    I till go back to the issue that the notifications bar needs to be expanded past 9+ – Because there is no easy way to make sure you see all your notifications or even know the total number so you can scroll back through them manually.. it feels like I miss stuff daily just becase I do not look back and remember them all….or where they stopped the night before etc..

  21. Ayoub Khote 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    I agree, the spam ratio has gone up!

  22. Tim Kerr 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Ayoub Khote .. Unfortunately spam is one thing that will increase now that G+ has gone public, and honestly I think that is something that can be expected. No matter where we go, or what we do anywhere on the internet there will be spammers and trolls. It's up to ourselves to determine if it is intentional or not.
    If we do as Colby and others have recommended and contact the person asking them to stop and they ignore the request, we have to tools to block, ignore and even report them.
    +Colby Brown has taken the time and published an excellent guide that explains very well how we can make good use of these tools at our disposal here. If you haven't already seen and read it I highly recommend it.

  23. Brent Burzycki 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Tim Kerr Yep I have seen it – Actually I see it so much I think Colby needs to block himself for way to many reshares…. 🙂

    It's a great document – I might have even contributed some items to it at one point…. directly or indirectly…

  24. Mark Houston 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    Oh Yeah the spammers are already hitting Google+, I've gotten at least 20 folks add me to their circle that of a suspicionest nature, people with no information about themselves of their Google+ pages.

  25. Lori Quayle 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    I take much more time reviewing people's info before I add them now.

  26. Michelle Hedstrom 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    I actually block anybody that randomly tags me on a photo that has nothing to do with me (I need to set that preference), or does "notify on post".

  27. Tim Kerr 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Mark Houston – I've been getting a few of those too. Also have had people who add me to their circles who act like this is MySpace just posting a whole bunch of senseless one line comments or text acronyms in their Public or Extended Circles Streams.

    I first look to see if there is anything about them we might have in common, such as people we have in circles. I also look at the content that they post into the streams. Then I decide whether or not to add them to a circle. If I am not sure and want to give them the benefit of the doubt I have a special circle where I'll place certain people temporarily where I can watch their activity without really participating back and forth. Then I can determine whether to keep them in a circle and move them into another circle of a particular interest, I.e. Photography, or the other alternatives, remove from my circles and then block or ignore.

  28. Brent Burzycki 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Tim Kerr I have a WATCH circle just for that also…

  29. David Rowan 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    If I post a photo or album and share it with +Public only the people who circled me will see it, right?
    The people I have circled who didn't circle me back are not getting notifications, are they? I don't want to be pestering people.

  30. Tim Kerr 25 Sep 2011 Reply

    +David Rowan any time you post anything +Public it goes to everyone in all your circles and people who have you in a circle. Additionally, it is available to anyone else to see who visits your profile even if they are not in any of your circles yet.

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