Always interesting to see what tools are picked by pro photographers

26 Apr 2012 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Eustace James 26 Apr 2012 Reply

    Maybe he's shooting video with the phone. I've done exactly this kind of thing in some venues — I shot video with my iPod and stills with my DSLRs. 🙂

  2. and/or instant upload to the web.

  3. Benjamin Bloom 26 Apr 2012 Reply

    I've done this… my DSLR shoots better photos, but the 3G service on it is terrible.

  4. George Fetters 26 Apr 2012 Reply

    This always happens to me. Except I never have my camera so it has to be the phone. 😛

  5. Ivan Yudhi 26 Apr 2012 Reply

    +Joe Meirose yeah that's what I thought too.. for sharing instantly.. I believe future generations of dslrs will have fb/twitter app embedded 🙂

  6. I sure hope not, +Ivan Yudhi. At least not on pro bodies. Maybe on PAS, not a bad idea.

  7. John Aho 26 Apr 2012 Reply

    Probably a free-lancer who is using a mobile pic to sell his full sized dslr pics to news editors.

  8. Aaron Campbell 26 Apr 2012 Reply

    Would be different if Wifi was built into those pricey cameras… and not an add-on.

  9. Theron Smith 26 Apr 2012 Reply

    Or vid.

  10. No portability is the mantra!

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