Almost from the first day of Google+ I have been involved with this great Critique…

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Almost from the first day of Google+ I have been involved with this great Critique group – we went from just people to a page to hastags to now a soon to be massive community of critiquers. Come and join us!

Submit you work to the correct category and get the feedback you need to grow as a photographer

Rules are outlined below – we try to keep it simple:

Behind the Lens Critique group was founded by +Colby Brown  in the Beta stages of Google+

Since then we have worked with a great team to try to provide our members with information that can help them to become better photographers.  

Please take note of the following rules:

If you post a photo to this community, it means that you are asking for critque.  Critique is not given to make you feel bad – but to help you.  If you do not wish to receive critique – do not post it here.

If you wish to receive critique, it is a good idea for you to give critique as well.  It's a two way street, and by giving critique to others, you will be more likely to receive it on your own images.

Please do not upload your whole gallery to the community.  Post only the photos you want critique on.  Also, when posting, if you have any specific areas you want critique on, please mention it to get a more focused response.

Please make sure you put your photo into the proper category.  If you don't see one that fits, put it in the Miscellaneous file.  We can add new categories as needed if we feel there is a need.

How to Critique:

Be honest. (but not rude)

Explain why you like or don't like something about an image. For example:  Stating “I don't like a tree” isn’t as helpful as saying “the tree distracts from the subject.”

For example, “I like the use of leading lines to your subject” has more feedback about the positives of a photo than “I love it”.

For example, “I think the red stop sign right behind your subject’s head detracts from your subject” explains what you think is incorrect with the photo, rather than “I don’t like your subject”.  (added examples so we could delete some of the following.

Talk about positive and negative aspects of the photo
Be Constructive: Positives Phrases like "I love it" by themselves are just a digital hug. Remember the why rule (Always explain why).

What Not to Do

Comment with demeaning, derogatory or abusive language.  It will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the community.

Step on other critiques that are being offered.  Remember each critique given is the opinion of another person and should be respected just like you want yours to be.

Not participate.  You must participate if you want to benefit from this community.

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  1. Sandra Parlow 13 Dec 2012 Reply

    okey dokey!!  😉

  2. Brent Burzycki 13 Dec 2012 Reply

    Does that work?

  3. Sandra Parlow 13 Dec 2012 Reply

    I just copied the link and posted it from my page, and did the same on the group page.

  4. Brent Burzycki 13 Dec 2012 Reply

    Lets see how we do…..

  5. Sandra Parlow 13 Dec 2012 Reply

    it's pretty late – we should have done it sooner.  maybe some of the others can post during the day tomorrow, and then early evening we can try again.

  6. Brent Burzycki 13 Dec 2012 Reply

    I will repost over the weekend also….

  7. Sandra Parlow 13 Dec 2012 Reply

    yeah, we'll keep at it. 😉

  8. david edenfield 13 Dec 2012 Reply

    Been awhile since I participated I'm btl. This looks like a much easier way of participating.

  9. Brent Burzycki 13 Dec 2012 Reply

    Really this is what btl was intended to be from the beginning we just did not have communities..

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