Ah Finally – a wristwatch that will detect radiation

28 Apr 2013 admin In G+ Posts

Once again, MTM exerts its leadership in tactical watch innovation.  The newest in its line of tactical / technical models is the Black RAD Radiation Detection Watch.
The MTM Black RAD tactical watch includes a counter for detecting harmful ionizing radiation  The Black RAD's integrated Geiger-Müller tube measures single-dose gamma ray levels, as well as cumulative exposure. The ultra- sensitive detector tracks dose equivalents – from 0.0001 to 9999 millisieverts (mSv), and the dose equivalent rate up to 4000 microsieverts per hour (μSv/h). Users can set their maximum radiation threshold, up to 9999 mSv, and an alarm will sound when this level (user preset) has been reached. Radiation levels are displayed graphically and can also be shown in the digital display, which can be switched between dose equivalent rate, accumulated dose, and the time. The time is shown via tritium illuminated analog hour, minute and second hands. The digital display is EL backlit.  The MTM Black RAD is water resistant to 330’ and powered by a lithium battery. The case is titanium and the rugged nylon band option fits wrists up to 9 inches in circumference.   The RAD is a unique technical instrument with a limited edition total of 1ooo pcs.
The Black RAD is a must have for all radiological professionals and for those familiar with radiological terminology and its implications.
NOTE:  The MTM RAD radiation detection watch is a serious instrument designed for radiation related professionals and radiologic technologists. Due to it’s intended technical purpose and subsequent critical readings, this watch is not necessarily intended for the casual user. The RAD instruction manual is written with the radiation professional in mind. The casual user or collector may have detailed and in depth questions as to the watch/detector’s proper use.  An explanation of those basic questions is included in the RAD's operating manual.  However, further technical questions regarding data or its interpretation will not be addressed by MTM customer service personnel should they arise by the casual user.

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