A Web-based Method and Device for Haunting Europe

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Excellent.. Now I can more easily do my patent applications…

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A Web-based Method and Device for Haunting Europe
The Communist Manifesto

Every so often there is a moment when different arts collide to form something wholly mad and wonderful. Here, it was literature, computer science, and the law: I present to you a work by Sam Lavigne which will take as input any text, and reframe it as a patent application.

At the moment, it will generate titles, abstracts, descriptions of figures, and the beginning of the "detailed description" section. You can both download and play with his program, or read some of the outputs; for example,

"An apparatus and device for staring into vacancy," inventor Franz Kafka; http://saaaam.s3.amazonaws.com/starting_into_vacancy.txt

"A device and system for belonging to bringing-forth," inventor Martin Heidegger; http://saaaam.s3.amazonaws.com/tech1.txt

And of course, the perennial classic

"A method and device for comprehending theoretically the historical movement," invented by Karl Marx; http://saaaam.s3.amazonaws.com/communist.pdf .

I would like to draw this to the attention of all patent teams and book publishers out there who would like to thicken their portfolios.

Via +Megan Garber, whose coverage of this at +The Atlantic you can read at http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/05/the-communist-manifesto-as-a-patent-application/362098/.

Transform any text into a patent application
I wrote a program that transforms literary and philosophical texts into patent applications. In short, it reframes texts as inventions or machines. You can view the code on github. I was partially …

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