A USAF F-16C Fighting Falcon, an FB-111 Aardvark, an F-15C Eagle and an A-10A Thunderbolt II in a flight over the Hoover Dam

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  1. Kamal Tailor 27 Jul 2016 Reply

    The Aardvark was used by the RAAF, and they kept beating the Americans with better planes, in war game exercises.

  2. David Cheng 27 Jul 2016 Reply


  3. Jurgen Coucke 27 Jul 2016 Reply

    Impressive !!

  4. Isaac Rouse 27 Jul 2016 Reply

    All of them are out dated, and are being used by other countries!

  5. Valla 4 aparatos, impresionante

  6. Zach H 27 Jul 2016 Reply

    Wow nice shot

  7. Dilip Sawant 28 Jul 2016 Reply

    Nice formation by different types of fighters. ✈✈✈✈👍

  8. Wagner Oliveira 28 Jul 2016 Reply


  9. João Prates 28 Jul 2016 Reply

    Stop the photoshop fakes please

  10. muhamad rifaldi 29 Jul 2016 Reply

    Mesin mesin pembunuh

  11. Faiz Naim 30 Jul 2016 Reply

    Mesin bodoj

  12. william smith 1 Aug 2016 Reply

    My name is William Smith Smith my father was Colonel Clue E Smith of the 366 Fighter Group during World War II he flew a P-47 Thunderbolt better known as The Jug I'm trying to find out as much information as I can on my father and although my sisters do have a lot of info I still would like to contact people who might be able to help me he was also a member of the 8th Air Force any help would be greatly appreciated

  13. Brian Lemcke 14 Nov 2016 Reply

    All based out of Nellis AFB LAS VEGAS NEVADA

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