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This footage was taken in a mountain range commonly called the “Mach Loop.” It’s located in Wales and the name derives from the fact that both the RAF and the USAF practice fast maneuvers in close proximity to the canyon walls and the ground. The training is meant to teach pilots how to fly in mountainous regions without radar detection, and this is where they do it.

This place draws the attention of many spectators as you can imagine. If you ever think of going, we found an actual timetable the British government releases that tells you EXACTLY when these exercises happen.


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  1. Dianna Tatum 7 Jan 2016 Reply


  2. Shadow Rider 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    DAMNED nice videography.
    WELL Done.

  3. David E Garcia 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    That's what I want the bad guys to hear. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Shadow Rider 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    +David E Garcia I don't want the bad guys to live THAT long.

    I want them to die from the ordnance blast before they even hear a turbine chirping.

  5. David E Garcia 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    +Shadow Rider You got that right brother!

  6. Mike Dominguez 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    I want a ticket to that airshow. Awesome!

  7. harmeet bahra 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    Jagjit kadi v gal nai karungi tuhade naal :'-(

  8. bob down 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    Wales ……..where the chickens give milk and the cows lay eggs

  9. Hazel Eyes 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    Awesome, soooooooo cool!!!

  10. harmeet bahra 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    Kinne harami ho Jagjit :'-(

  11. Happy Man 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    Great you should try living there , I used to live in wales when these planes came over like a war zone , and it's called in a valley in english, or cwm in welsh and not a canyon thanks

  12. Rizan Mohammed 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    Awesome 👍

  13. Bruce Clyde 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    No peace in Wales…actually, no peace anywhere, as long as people drool over this sort of thing…

  14. Tipie Orro 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    Powerful birds , love to watch them …

  15. Atique Ahmad 7 Jan 2016 Reply


  16. Larry Moreno 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    America at its best

  17. Jeff Strickland 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    That's brings back old times.

  18. Larry Moreno 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    Ex usaf

  19. Andrea Borgia 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    Private video?

  20. Leonard Greb 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    Any two seaters, Bob would like to ride, forgot how many in air fuelings happen in the sky on the way there

  21. Tipie Orro 8 Jan 2016 Reply

    I like those fast plains, they look super great …..

  22. Leonard Greb 8 Jan 2016 Reply

    There's faster, they just couldn't find the money to pay for the fighter jets. They need to pay off the bill they have already. Launched like a rocket and are what was used to test for heat proof tiles some of it. A plane that can make it to the space station and back. No luggage no people, for now.

  23. Kandi Dubose 8 Jan 2016 Reply


  24. Catht Flowers 9 Jan 2016 Reply

    Love This!!#

  25. Saverino Mesiano 9 Jan 2016 Reply


  26. Markus Bickel 10 Jan 2016 Reply

    Cool, cool, cool… I like this for watching

  27. Leonard Greb 10 Jan 2016 Reply

    Ball aerospace , active with nasa allot. They would hit the hot spot, great cd"s off the clunky old tapes too. Great friends.

  28. Nelson Bensorto 12 Jan 2016 Reply

    Wow! It’s a beautiful jet!

  29. Joshef Acuña 16 Jan 2016 Reply

    Chido m encantan los aviones de combate

  30. Muy. Bonitos. Gracias

  31. Sambo Whitmire 2 Feb 2016 Reply

    Dear friends with what I have to be in a Wii and the more you are not book we are not an TV oj move to be

  32. Rudy Hartono 4 Feb 2016 Reply

    Talking american

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