A Grumman F-14 Tomcat flies over downtown Detroit City

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  1. John Livingston 8 Aug 2016 Reply

    I miss the F-14. Hell of a workhorse

  2. One of the all time greatest fighters ever.

  3. Mike Pritch 8 Aug 2016 Reply

    Man I loved seeing the tomcat, by far my favorite aircraft with the Harrier jump-jet coming in a close second . I got to sit in one when I was a kid visiting my sister in new mexico. Shout out to the piolet cause he could have got in a lot of trouble for that.

  4. Quinton Garrard 8 Aug 2016 Reply

    Hey required a lot of maintenance to keep flying

  5. John Livingston 8 Aug 2016 Reply

    Harrier was cool not gonna lie. Though for me personally the only thing I liked more than the F-14 was the A10

  6. Dilip Sawant 8 Aug 2016 Reply


  7. David Cheng 8 Aug 2016 Reply


  8. digranni 8 Aug 2016 Reply

    Ace Combat X Box

  9. David Reiss 8 Aug 2016 Reply

    Kinda scary seeing an attack fighter over an American city!

  10. John Livingston 8 Aug 2016 Reply

    +David Reiss Why is that scary? there are plenty of cities with Air Force bases in the middle of them. When I was in Savannah they had Hunter Army Airfield where F16s would on occasion land (mostly it was C130s though) and to land there you would have to fly over the city and people's houses

  11. David Reiss 8 Aug 2016 Reply

    +John Livingston
    Hi John. Yea, I know what you mean about the bases. I served in the Army for awhile. It's one thing to be looking up at a plane, but another to see from the sky looking down. The city looks so vulnerable, knowing the damage they can create.

  12. Marco Gman 9 Aug 2016 Reply

    Ghost Rider, the pattern is full. Negative on the fly by.

  13. +David Reiss Dearbornistan practice run.

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