A Fairey Firefly that ended its working life as a target tug in Sweden, waiting restoration at IWM Duxford. They do have the wings! They're stored in another hanger, near the Super Sabre

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  1. Ananda Sim 30 Dec 2015 Reply

    I've always enjoyed the shape of the Firefly – it looks like a Spitfire that passed maturity

  2. William Prine 30 Dec 2015 Reply

    It's great to know more survived.

  3. Valdo Cord 31 Dec 2015 Reply


  4. Brando Phoenix 2 Jan 2016 Reply

    First I have ever heard of the Firefly. Looks like a mix of different WW2 fighters. Has the large front scoop like the Typhoon in a way.

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