A-10 – Such a great Aircraft – Thank you USAF for the Images

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  1. David Cheng 28 Jul 2015 Reply


  2. Robert Benter 28 Jul 2015 Reply

    Here comes the Calvary

  3. Ernest W 28 Jul 2015 Reply

    Aerial close support supreme.

  4. Darth Minty 28 Jul 2015 Reply

    If I were in charge, I'd build a new generation of this aircraft but drone it. I think it's proven its worth in combat, so why trash it? Just upgrade it, put the pilot in a safe bunker somewhere,& continue to kick ass. Great pics

  5. Patrick Lemkuil 28 Jul 2015 Reply

    Terrorist talking to a USAF pilot.
    Terrorist: why is the A-10 so strong and powerful
    USAF Pilot: because fuck you, that's why.

  6. Brodie Becker 29 Jul 2015 Reply

    The crucial point has past unless they want to play a game of boomerang? Anybody?

  7. Brodie Becker 29 Jul 2015 Reply

    They actually started letting some goofy band named"a mile of bones",play at the local bar in my town under the dome in the Hart of the world across from the fireside on the corner?

  8. Brodie Becker 29 Jul 2015 Reply

    Whenever I can redirect the "chillidog express",I will be waiting to bush the button for the fork in the road they all go to consatration camps, I get to see the underground beehive,uknow area red strip plan place, left hand don't no what the write hands doing!?

  9. Brodie Becker 29 Jul 2015 Reply

    Any small town voodoo boards in any rooms down ther guys!

  10. Brodie Becker 29 Jul 2015 Reply

    How about the guy who hand an incontinence with an alien Allie,I guess he didn't warn them about waking up on the wrong side of the bed,or maybe ther like wild animals ther trying to domesticize uknow,then maybe he could come up with a better cover on getting shot by an alien with a ray gun,when really he was Incourge of regulation on paperwork for a new nuclear boring tunnel tremor machine?

  11. Brodie Becker 29 Jul 2015 Reply

    Am I write or am I write,we're is a trunk with my bag of goods guys isn't it usually a base of lawn darts a shovel & lime dust?

  12. Brodie Becker 29 Jul 2015 Reply

    Like tht would probably scare me a bit more then "TOMCAT ALLY",good military flying game for the saga geniuses from back in mid 90's!

  13. Brodie Becker 29 Jul 2015 Reply

    Earthworm Jim was kool to, "wo Nelly"

  14. James Kirkbond 31 Jul 2015 Reply

    thes tank killers were made in stamford ct. in a garage of a guy called dunlop ofcoarse a lot of crat were made in this area of pratt and whitney. i lived in pratts's house on pratt island. navier stokes did a lot their research in the area.

  15. Yang Yang 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    is it at Bagram?

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