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  1. Elizabeth Hahn 8 Jul 2014 Reply

    I kept hoping for something like that tonight.. but while it was colorful, it was just for only a really narrow band.  🙁 

    I want thunder and lightning for my trouble!

  2. Brent Burzycki 8 Jul 2014 Reply

    yeh – it was not half as cool in person without some tweaking…

  3. Elizabeth Hahn 8 Jul 2014 Reply

    I saw a line of red-orange. But then it was still so cloudy above that it was just dark above and below.  Mt Diablo looked pretty cool silhouetted against the blood red. 

  4. Olav Folland 8 Jul 2014 Reply

    Nice one! Weve been getting the drab here lately :/

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