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With the release of our re-designed Profiles, the 500px team had two main goals: To provide a beautiful way to present yourself and your photography style; and to improve how visitors discover your photographs.

Goals of this new initiative:

Improve the utility of the profiles area
Provide a beautiful standalone profile page for all users

Here are the details of the changes and enhancements we have made to Profiles:

Profile customization and management:

Customize the cover image to display the photo that best showcases your style

Access links to edit your Profile or to upload and organize your Photos
If you have friends you want to notify, it’s one click to share your Profile to your favourite social sites

Awesome members now have easier access to Portfolio management
Beautifully redesigned and simplified About section for your bio and personal information

Improved navigation for your audience:

Sets and Stories are now explicitly displayed as part of your Profile, making it easy for your audience to find
Tabs display the quantity of content within Sets, Stories, Favorites or Store

One click to access your Portfolio

A hidden navigation bar increases the impact of your Profile, just scroll up to reveal it

Known Issues:

Users may notice that their favorite photographs are not presented in the correct order. This issue is in development and will be corrected shortly.



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  1. Brent Coltun 18 Jan 2014 Reply

    I may have to go back after this 😁

  2. Bill Moisuk 18 Jan 2014 Reply

    As long as you don't post any pictures of girls, it should be a fine time.

  3. Bill Moisuk 18 Jan 2014 Reply

    Brent, are you associated with 500px?

  4. Brent Burzycki 18 Jan 2014 Reply

    +Bill Moisuk nope no association… Just like what they have been doing in a very competitive marketplace.. Also I have a soft spot for them maintaining a well done venue for quality nude images secured properly..

  5. Bill Moisuk 18 Jan 2014 Reply

    Yes, I liked their setup a lot. They ended up axing me, calling my photos "pornography", which was quite offensive and inaccurate. Additionally, there is no definition of "pornography" in their TOS, a term which is used in many ways by many audiences. I also felt as if I was dealing with one particular individual who did not like my material, period. So, they are not quite a bad as Facebook, which has a poor design and no protection against termination whatsoever, but they did gladly and easily hold the heavy hand against the little guy. Those joining should be aware of that.

  6. Brent Burzycki 18 Jan 2014 Reply

    +Bill Moisuk I had not heard of any cases of this happening. Well maybe one but it was based on the content being a mix of gore and sex which is very borderline in many TOS's.

    I think many of these sites have a real hard decission to make, let it ride or keep to a very strict set of rules, in many cases that ticks people off.

    Were you a free or paying member?

    Did they tell you more details? Or just axe you?

  7. Bill Moisuk 18 Jan 2014 Reply

    Not paid – had a ton of pics and many followers though, well-rated.
    They just said my pics were unacceptable – "porn" – without further discussion. No definition or examples, no chance to discuss or defend, totally shut down after one "warning" (which I could not follow/heed, since I did not know their definition, and was not "pornographic" by any reasonable definition of the word). I don't shoot pornography, period. I posted nudes, similar to what I have here in content but with nudity, and so did many others. My feeling is that I was just not liked, and nobody really wanted to spend any time in any rational discussion or fair dialogue. As on facebook, I built quite a following before I was summarily dismissed without dialogue or the chance to recover/capture my contacts/followers.

  8. Brent Burzycki 18 Jan 2014 Reply

    Well facebook I can see – but that is much stranger on 500px…

    Facebook is pretty much useless to me other than to go there to find friends that are not tech savey enough to come here..

  9. Bill Moisuk 19 Jan 2014 Reply

    Well, thankfully I have a lot of other decent places to post images, and I do like Twitter for stream-of-consciousness fun 🙂
    Thanks for the ear. Just wanted to "warn" people as well that they have the guillotine ready to go over at 500px. I did enjoy my time there, good setup and pics/people, just questionable management.

  10. Brent Burzycki 19 Jan 2014 Reply

    +Bill Moisuk when did that happen to you? A long time ago – there have been what appears to be many changes over there in the past year or so..

  11. Bill Moisuk 19 Jan 2014 Reply

    No, just a few months ago, actually.

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