+500px has sure changed a lot in the past week.. its like the entire site is new and different…. I want to like it, but also change is never easy.. but like G+ I rather see change for the good or the bad vs. nothing ever changing… Probably will get used to it in a day or two then my care will no longer care there was a change….

21 Jul 2013 admin In G+ Posts


500px / Blog / Announcing New 500px Photo Page

Hey everyone! Continuing to push the boundaries of our platform and listening to user feedback, we just launched a redesigned Photo Page. The new Photo Page offers photographers a more visually appealing way to showcase and share their work online than ever before. We have also improved the browsing aesthetic for non-photographers, so you can continue to spend hours watching beautiful pho

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  1. Rae Williams 21 Jul 2013 Reply

    I haven't been on there in a while, thanks for reintroducing me to the beauty of 500px. Need to shoot more. Life took a turn and i haven't done any photog work in a while. The work i have done has been like corporate stuff for training and cbt's.

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