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  1. Haruo Chikamori 8 Nov 2014 Reply

    Love the 50s style, Great video. Laughed my way through this one.

  2. MCtootsie 8 Nov 2014 Reply

    +Haruo Chikamori 40's*

  3. Rikor Volsati 9 Nov 2014 Reply


  4. MCtootsie 9 Nov 2014 Reply

    +Rikor Volsati Nah, they're from the 1940's. Well, both 1940's and 1950's but they were most popular in the late 40's.

  5. strife10301 9 Nov 2014 Reply

    +MCtootsie 1920's to 1930's

  6. MCtootsie 9 Nov 2014 Reply

    +strife10301 Oh yea, it's not like the television was invented in 1927 and nobody had a television in the 1920's and only a very few had it in the 1930's because they were so expensive.

  7. strife10301 9 Nov 2014 Reply

    well i find it really stupid to argue about such petty shit so i'll keep it simple. short films were created in the 20's 30's ( little rascals "our Gang", Laurel and Harry, Charles Chaplin) people having t.v.'s or not has nothing to do to the source. 🙂

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