RRS: Really Right Stuff Broken Trim Cap Replacement – BH-55
Just a quick couple photos on how to replace the cap on your RRS ball head if it happens to show up with the cap broken. No idea how but RRS support was very good like usual and sent a replacement. It simply pops out and the new one can go in its place  
31 Mar 2019 in Gear, by
Black Rapid Strap Upgrade?
I guess this has been going on for some time but for those that do not know and have an older Black Rapid Strap you can upgrade your existing strap (well turn it in for a discount on the latest version) http://www.blackrapid.com/tradein-program I assume this is due to issues they had with the old style latches backing off. That is all the issues I can find with what is considered a great strap overall. I will be reviewing the new one vs. two other straps I have based on my eternal search for the perfect camera strap setup.
17 Mar 2019 in Gear, by