A Fairey Firefly that ended its working life as a target tug in Sweden, waiting restoration at IWM Duxford. They do have the wings! They're stored in another hanger, near the Super Sabre
Originally shared by +**** I've tried to photo this one many times, but it's challenge to fit in the huge prop and keep the background clear of parts of other aircraft. #albatroff #firefly #fairey #fighter #navy #airplane #aeroplane #plane #aviation #aircraft #duxford #iwm #cambridgeshire  
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The MiG-21 at IWM Duxford. I wasn't sure if I could make anything of this shot as it's taken at 17mm focal length and bit weirdly proportioned, plus there's the usual museum clutter around it. But I think it came out OK in the end
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MiG-21MF Lancer-C of the Romanian Airforce
Originally shared by +E-pic.se Radom 2015 http://www.e-pic.se/Aircraft/Aircraft-sorted-by-type/Mikoyan-Gurevich/MiG-21-Lancer/ The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 (Russian: Микоян и Гуревич МиГ-21; NATO reporting name: Fishbed) is a supersonic jet fighter aircraft, designed by the Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau in the Soviet Union. It was popularly nicknamed "Balalaika", from the aircraft's planform-view resemblance to the Russian stringed musical instrument or ołówek (English: pencil) by Polish pilots due to the shape of its fuselage.A total of 10,645 aircraft were built in the USSR, 194 MiG-21F-13s were built under licence in Czechoslovakia and India built 657 MiG-21FL, MiG-21M and MiG-21bis.Like many aircraft designed as interceptors, the MiG-21 had a short range. This was not helped by the poor placement of the fuel tanks, which caused the airplane's center of gravity to shift rearwards once two-thirds of the fuel had been used. This had the effect of making the plane statically unstable to the point of being uncontrollable, resulting in an endurance of only 45 minutes in clean condition. Additionally when more than half the fuel was used up in early versions, violent maneuvers prevented fuel from flowing into the engine, thereby causing it to shut down mid flight. Source: Wikipedia #Mig #Lancer #Fishbed #Aircraft #Aviation #Fighter #E_PIC_SE  
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Sukhoi Su-35S Super Flanker
Originally shared by +E-pic.se MAKS 2015 http://www.e-pic.se/Aircraft/Aircraft-sorted-by-type/Sukhoi/Sukhoi-Su-35S-Flanker-E/ The Sukhoi Su-35 (Russian: Сухой Су-35; NATO reporting name: Flanker-E]) is a heavily upgraded derivative of the Su-27 'Flanker.While the aircraft maintains a strong superficial resemblance to the Su-27, the airframe, avionics, propulsion and weapons systems of the Su-35 have been thoroughly overhauled. Technological advancements have produced more compact and lighter hardware, such as the radar, shifting the centre of gravity to the aircraft's rear. These improvements removed the need for canards (Su-30) and saw the abandonment of the "tandem triplane" featured on several Su-27 derivatives. Also omitted was the Su-27's dorsal airbrake, which was replaced by differential deflection of the vertical stabilizers. Other aerodynamic refinements include a height reduction of the vertical stabilizers, a smaller aft-cockpit hump, and shorter rearward-projecting "sting".The thrust vectoring nozzles operate in one plane for pitch, but the canting allows the aircraft to produce both roll and yaw by vectoring each engine nozzle differently. A similar thrust vectoring system is also implemented on the PAK FA.The engine gives the Su-35 limited supercruise capability, or sustained supersonic speed without the use of afterburners. Radar-absorbent material is applied to the engine inlets and the front stages of the engine compressor […]
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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29AS Fulcrum, Slovakia
Originally shared by +E-pic.se http://www.e-pic.se/Aircraft/Aircraft-sorted-by-type/Mikoyan-Gurevich/Mig29-Fulcrum The Mikoyan MiG-29 (Russian: Микоян МиГ-29; NATO reporting name: "Fulcrum") is a twin-engine jet fighter aircraft designed in the Soviet Union. Developed by the Mikoyan design bureau as an air superiority fighter during the 1970s, the MiG-29, along with the larger Sukhoi Su-27, was developed to counter new American fighters such as the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, and the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. The MiG-29 entered service with the Soviet Air Force in 1982. While originally oriented towards combat against any enemy aircraft, many MiG-29s have been furnished as multirole fighters capable of performing a number of different operations, and are commonly outfitted to use a range of air-to-surface armaments and precision munitions. The MiG-29 has been manufactured in several major variants, including the multirole Mikoyan MiG-29M and the navalised Mikoyan MiG-29K; the most advanced member of the family to date is the Mikoyan MiG-35. Later models frequently feature improved engines, glass cockpits with HOTAS-compatible flight controls, modern radar and IRST sensors, and considerably increased fuel capacity; some aircraft have also been equipped for aerial refuelling. #Mikoyan #Gurevich #Mig #Fulcrum #Fighter #Aircraft #Aviation  
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Sukhoi PAK FA, (T-50)
Originally shared by +E-pic.se MAKS 2015http://www.e-pic.se/Aircraft/Aircraft-sorted-by-type/Sukhoi/Sukhoi-PAK-FA-T-50/ The T-50's design emphasizes frontal stealth, with RCS-reducing features most apparent in the forward hemisphere; the shaping of the aft fuselage is much less optimized for radar stealth compared to the F-22.[74] The combined effect of airframe shape and RAM of the production aircraft is estimated to have reduced the aircraft's RCS to a value thirty times smaller than that of the Su-27.[80] Sukhoi's patent of the T-50's stealth features cites an average RCS of the aircraft of approximately 0.1-1 square meters.[79] However, like other stealth fighters, the T-50's low observability measures are chiefly effective against high frequency (between 3 and 30 GHz) radars, usually found on other aircraft. The effects of Rayleigh scattering and resonance mean that low-frequency radars, employed by weather radars and early-warning radars are more likely to detect the T-50 due to its physical size. However, such radars are also large, susceptible to clutter, and are less precise. #Aviation #Aircraft #Sukhoi #PAKFA #Fighter #E_PIC_SE  
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It is quite common to see completely different afterburner colors in Russian Aircraft. *Different colors. To me that would mean that they are burning at different temperatures and that would mean a power difference. Anyone no more about this?
Originally shared by +E-pic.se The Russian Knights, Su-27 Flanker. http://www.e-pic.se/Aircraft/Aircraft-sorted-by-type/Sukhoi/Sukhoi-Su-27-Flanker-Russian-Kni/ #Sukhoi #Flanker #Russian #Knights #Fighter #Aircraft #Aviation #E_PIC_SE  
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Supermarine 361 Spitfire LF16E
Originally shared by +E-pic.se Biltemas Spitfire shot at Flygkalaset 2015 in Växjö. More Spitfire images here: http://www.e-pic.se/Aircraft/Aircraft-sorted-by-type/Supermarine/Supermarine-Spitfire/ #Supermarine #Spitfire #Aircraft #Aviation #Fighter #E_PIC_SE  
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Supermarine 361 Spitfire LF16E
Originally shared by +E-pic.se Biltemas Spitfire shot at Flygfesten 2015 in Dala-Järna. More Spitfire images here: http://www.e-pic.se/Aircraft/Aircraft-sorted-by-type/Supermarine/Supermarine-Spitfire/ #Supermarine #Spitfire #Aircraft #Aviation #Fighter #E_PIC_SE     In Album 2015 Dala-Järna “Flygfesten”
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"Like a bat out of hell!"
Now that is a great aviation action shot by +E-pic.se​ Originally shared by +E-pic.se "Like a bat out of hell!"Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker – Team Russian Knightshttp://www.e-pic.se/Aircraft/Aircraft-sorted-by-type/Sukhoi/Sukhoi-Su-27-Flanker-Russian-Kni/ TIP: When shooting aircraft, dont stop because the weather gets bad!I got this shot when almost everybody had given up because it was raining heavily with a really low cloud base.This Su-27 comes overhead and drops these flares, the rain, humidity and really low light gives this magical light to the shot. smile emoticon #MAKS #Sukhoi #Flanker #Aircraft #Aviation #Fighter #E_PIC_SE  
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