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Quick Overview

This is an extensive tutorial for HDR photography but also includes many other innovative and fun post-processing techniques as well. There are over 11 hours of video instruction across 9 classes covering topics for beginners and moving into intermediate and advanced topics.

Bonus Edition includes:

– Free eBook, Top 10 Mistakes in HDR Processing
– Full access to private Clubhouse forums
– Over 130 RAW Working Files
– 11+ hours of video instruction across 9 classes
– Available to download immediately


Quick Overview
A Whole New Way to Learn Photography

I’ve spoken with thousands of people who — despite the beginner or even intermediate courses they’ve taken — are still confused about the basic elements of photography. It’s obvious that many traditional methods of teaching photography just don’t work!

You won’t be bored! The series is unlike other courses you’ve taken. The video tutorials are a unique combination of interesting stories, live photo shoots, and step-by-step instructions for editing your photos.


Quick Overview

An Online Photography Course for All Skill Levels
Are you interested in learning the latest techniques in making your photos look beautiful? You will see how I set up my camera to take photos, how I compose the shot, and how I perform HDR processing and hundreds of other little tricks to make your photos look prettier.Watch a preview of this unique photography tutorial.Includes over 4 hours of step-by-step instruction:

  • – 2.5 hours of post-processing techniques
  • – 1.5 hours of live-action shots in New Zealand
  • – Trey’s RAW image files so you can follow along
  • – Access to the private Stuck In Customs clubhouse

Note: The tutorials will be downloadable videos that you can watch at your own pace.


Quick Overview

Over the years, I’ve created thousands of different presets, and I’ve chosen the best of the best for these packages. I think you’ll be more than impressed with what these Adobe Lightroom 4 presets can do to your photos. Includes presets for doing HDR in Lightroom.

Complete Bundle Includes:

– A dozen HDR-in-Lightroom presets
– 28 edgy and gradient presets
– 36 extra moody presets
– Available to download immediately

(Note: Made for Lightroom version 4 or higher)


Quick Overview

These Photomatix Presets will help you feel happy and creative. Your photo will get a very interesting look! Enjoy!

From mild to extreme, you’ll find all the variety you need. Presets come aptly named from “Au Naturale” to “Bob Ross Has Not Left the Building.” You’ll edit with a happy little twinkle in your eye. From “Quaint Hobbit Holes” to “Puff the Magic HDRagon,” you’ll make creations that will shock the nearest hippy. From “A Little Sumfin Sumfin” to “Finding Uncle Remo,” you’ll weave digital art that will make all your dreams come true. Well, a few of them.

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Quick Overview

Learn Trey’s tricks to using textures to give your photos a unique look. Beginners, amateurs, and pros will all benefit from these techniques. The techniques that I have perfected will bring a unique level of polish to your art.

Ultimate Package includes:
– 2 Bonus videos with extra tricks
– 50 bonus textures from secret locations
– 100 exotic and unique textures
– 90 minute instructional video full of tips & tricks

Premium Package includes:
– 100 exotic and unique textures
– 90 minute instructional video full of tips & tricks

Basic Package includes:
– 25 exotic and unique textures
– 90 minute instructional video full of tips & tricks

Textures Only Package includes:
– 100 exotic and unique textures


Start protecting all your photos, music, movies and documents today!




Great way to become more motivated to stay in shape – I use one daily




All these are definitely worth a read… It is hard to find good photography books, most are either dead boring or overwhelmed by attitude and ego. I have to say this is not the case for the books Trey has put together. Finally I can read a helpful guide full of info I can actually use in the field and not have to mumble under my breath “who does this guy think he is”.Here are the details…. do not buy just one just pick up the new bonus pack, save a few bucks and get to learning.

  • Every Bonus Edition Trey Has Written
  • Composing The Photo – Bonus Edition
  • Top Ten HDR Mistakes, & How To Fix Them – Bonus Edition
  • Digital Workflow For Photographers –Bonus Edition with over 20 minute HD video tutorial showing you Trey’s workflow
  • 10 Principles Of Beautiful Photography
  • Start reading all the eBooks immediately on your computer, iPad, or Kindle!
  • Did we mention that you are getting a 25% discount!

 craftandvision-logo Another great site for elearning and ebooks is Craft&Vision – They have a huge selection of ebooks and topics and very reasonable prices. You can see their author list here, you will probably recognize most of the names.
Click the link below to see all the titles they offer:

Click here to visit Craft And Vision.