Just another boring sunset…….
Who am I kidding I like them all as it means I made it past one more day…..  
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Shadows…People – Moody shadow light Brunette, Lingerie, Blue, heels, fur
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I will admit I think the hardest part of photography to crack is the viewers mind and not the photos quality or even the subject matter
As I have used the +500px site for some time I have come to the understanding just how difficult it is to make the jump from 98% to 99.9% in the voting algorithm. It's really hard – I am not one to be big on voting in general but it is nice to see that others appreciate your work, that said I believe even if you make a amazing image in your own mind, someone else has always made a better one or one that at the time more viewers appreciate seeing. The photo below at 98.8 (which I am not complaining about) to make the jump to the top of this page which is only a sub-category of "All Categories' (which is even more difficult to get to the top of) is a very big accomplishment – in upwards of thousands of views, votes and favorites. I have to say I think the biggest secret to getting to the top of any page is based on many factors, timing of the post being a huge one and the general category posted too, along with the need for a great image and one that makes people look for more than […]
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Portrait – Still rebuilding the portfolio with some cleaned up older shots..What do you think?  
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+Glove and Boots a Dilly of a good time Mr. Guest and Mr. Host
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Yep we built this truck
Yep we built this truck….  
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Blue Angel #4 – Smoke On
Maj Brandon CordillU.S. Marine CorpsSlot – #4 https://500px.com/photo/88489807/blue-angel-%234-full-power-by-brent-burzycki  
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How 500px inspired me to push my envelope..Before 500px I was a studio shooter and rarely cared to venture out and take photos of anything else really. 500px forced me to re-evaluate the way I shoot and my subject matter. The photos inspired me to push outside of what I was comfortable with and experiment with the world of landscape and aviation photography. Many think photography is easy, most do not understand the story behind the photos and in most cases the photographers never share …
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Even in tragedy – we must keep pushing
Originally shared by +Richard Branson Writing this on way to Mojave to join +Virgin Galactic, TSC & Scaled teams. Shocked & saddened by this tragic loss. All our thoughts are with the brave pilots & families affected by today's events. Space is hard – but worth it. We will persevere and move forward together http://virg.in/svg  
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